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Q.Who Are You?

A.Yola Franklin the Diva


Q.Where Are You From?

A.I’m from Dallas


Q.The Name Of Your Current Project?

A.Before the M’s 1.5


Q.Describe Your Genre' 

A.Rap/Hip-Hop fash


Q.Who Are Your Musical Influences?

A.Growing up it was T.I & Remy I’m influenced by the successful independent rappers that grew fan base w/o labels like Dolph and Russ.


Q.What Inspires You To Write Music?

A.My mood and how I’m feeling.


Q.Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

A.Touring and bus


Q.When Do Your Creative Ideas Usually Come To You?

A.Early in the morning over my wake and bake


Q.What are some of your past projects & how did they benefit you?

A.I have the Before the M’s series. It’s been a journey and a lesson so far. Main benefits honestly were my short comings. It’s taught me how to move and prepared me mentally for my future.


Q.Which one of YOUR songs is YOUR favorite & why?

A.My favorite song currently is “Sleepin On Me” featuring Mo3 cause it’s how I feel everyday plus I snapped on the verse



Q.Where Can Your Music Be Found?

A.Everywhere. Search Yola Franklin. I’m on majority digital streaming platforms and all my videos are on YouTube. And if you’re in DFW it’s somewhere at your local bizarre or corner store Everything! More music more visuals more vlogs more photo shoots lol more Yola Franklin!