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Q Who Are You? 

A Unique Musick 

Q Where Are You From?

A Dallas, Texas 

Q The Name Of Your Current Project?

A Dont have a name for it but I’m working on it

Q Describe Your Genre' 

A Hip hop , Rap 

Q Who Are Your Musical Influences?

A Lil Wayne 

Q What Inspires You To Write Music?

A The love I have for it 

Q Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

A Getting a Grammy / One of the hottest female rappers in the game 

Q When Do Your Creative Ideas Usually Come To You?

A At Night while sitting in my car 

Q What are some of your past projects & how did they benefit you?


Q Which one of YOUR songs is YOUR favorite & why?

A They didn’t listen is my favorite because it was something different for me 

Q Where Can Your Music Be Found?

A YouTube, SoundCloud, ITunes, Google Play, Spotify any place you can listen to music I’m on it 

Q What's Next???

A I’m pushing my single “Trap” until the wheels fall off