Q. Who are you?

A. Trigga713 

Q. Where are you from ? 

A. Garden City Apts which is located in the acres home area on the Northside of Houston 

Q. The name of your current project?

A.Southern University 

Q. Describe your Genre’?

A. Southern Hip Hip 

Q. Who are your musical influences? 

A. UGK, Scarface , J Dawg 

Q. What inspires you to write music? 

A. Making a change for my family and community 

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. successful entrepreneur traveling the world living out his dreams 

Q. When do your creative ideas usually come to you?  

A. I just go with the feel of the beat 

Q. What are some of your past projects and how did they benefit you? 

A. I dropped a mixtape years back called “Respect” and it gave me a small buzz on the Northside of Houston. 

Q. Which one of your songs is your favorite & why? 

A. Right now it has to be “Riding Dirty” because it gives you a visual of my life in my eyes coming from my side 

Q. Where can your music be found? 

A. On all platforms iTunes, YouTube, Google play etc.  

Q. What’s next?  

A. Continue to work hard towards my goals and perfecting my craft