women,carS,fashion, & fun IN HOUSTON TEXAS WITH KN Management Founded by the beautiful BOSS LADY Kelsey Nicole, tHIS young entrepreneur SELF MOTIVATED WOMAN was born IN raised in Victoria,Texas, 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Transitioning to Houston she has built aN impeccable Reputation with clients of all genres nationwide where she is able to stay booked and busy.


Kelsey remains HUmble, focused and diligent while being a hot girl, After launching her business.

KN Management expanded recruiting models for  advertisements, bookings and music videos, as they took over the summer of 2019 with Superstar friend Megan Thee Stallion Hit record Hot Girl Summer features the icon Nicki Minaj branding globally with a performance at The VMA's.




Q&A Interview

Q. How does it feel to be on the Legendary Nights Tour with Meek, Future, YG and Meg?

A. Being on tour has been a humbling experience . This is my first time on a tour and not just being on tour , actually having a position as an assistant for the open act . I’ve learned a lot and have connected with a lot of influential individuals that play a huge role in this industry.

Q. What is KN management?

A. KN Management is a management company that I founded in 2018 managing models. Once I build all of my connections and finish learning the ins and outs I would like to expand by adding artists + more under KNM.

Q. What inspired you to create and manage your business?

A. Since Moving to Houston I had been around a lot of entrepreneurs. Where I’m from ( Victoria, Tx) it’s rare.So entrepreneurship itself definitely was a huge influence. However, I chose to start with models because I was already in that field by being in music videos and always on sets . Girls would always ask me how could they get in a video , so I decided to build a platform that provides that service.

Q.What kind of ladies do you look for to get into your management company/ what is the model criterion?

A.I look for ladies that are hardworking and marketable . They must be dedicated and prove they are worthy through their consistency and work ethic.

Q. What’s your favorite movie ?

A. I don’t really have a favorite movie , now if we’re talking series I have a few . Narcos, queen of the south , and All American are my top 3.

Q. Favorite dessert ?

A.Anything cookies and cream or strawberry shortcake 

Q.Favorite city so far on the tour ?

A.Thats a tough question.. we been to so many, but ima have to go with Buffalo , NY that crowd was CRAZY!

Q. Would you ever work Movies or Tv shows?

A. Hell yes, I’ve been in 3 local Houston films already . I still have some learning to do as far as acting goes, but even if it’s not me being in a movie or tv show physically I’m definitely a behind the scenes person so I would love to work on the production side like Casting , coordinating, directing or co - directing... I’m with all of that!