Q Who Are You?

A The question is who are you.. lol naw fuck it for real tho I’m Siti Slicka, rapper/songwriter, engineer, director.. I do a lot 

Q Where Are You From?
A I’m from Miami Florida, place called lil Haiti uptown

Q The Name Of Your Current Project?
A Recovery is the name of of my current project, but that may be subject to change.. right now I’m just working on records not necessarily a project.

Q Describe Your Genre' 
A Hiphop, a lot of listeners say I’m on that conscious tip and I won’t refute that, ima give you bars, a message on a soothing beat so it can sink in, sometimes I might have a song that’s simple as hell, but it’s heart felt. So I like to think I make music in general, there may be times when I just wanna get in a track and not say shit meaningful but have it sound good you couldn’t tell the difference, so I don’t box in the creativity. If you had to give a genre it’s mainly hiphop but it’s just me

Q Who Are Your Musical Influences? 
A I like Andre 3000, I like how he colors outside the lines, he takes a verse where no one dares to take them and his flow ridiculous, message was always A1. I study 3stacks a lot. Also I don’t know why maybe it’s an old soul but I listen to a lot of golden oldies lol, I don’t think it’s had much of an influence on what I produce yet, but I feel I’m taking it all in for a reason don’t nothing happen by chance, maybe one day it’ll come out, i don’t know.  

Q What Inspires You To Write Music?
A Other than being purposed to make music? I mean I draw inspiration from a lot of hints, from like the darkest stories or lowest moments inspires me to write at times. A lot of times I’m compelled to write from the saddest stories, at other times that sit can shut me down and I’m out of it just waiting for the sun to shine again, I think that’s just the Dharma we’re all created with, can’t have one without the other.

Q Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
A I see myself touring across the globe, not on no typical type touring shit, that shit is played. It may not be all music you know, like I got a show here at this place, then hitting the road to make it to a graduation ceremony then back on the road for a ground breaking ceremony in the hood somewhere or going to visit children in other countries then flight back for another show. There’s a lot of work to be done and there’s a lot of light to shine, I see myself being one of those shining lights in 5 years. God willing.. you know 

Q When Do Your Creative Ideas Usually Come To You?
A At the oddest moments kid lol, during a conversation mid sentence, or in the middle of the night like REM sleep type shit lol. I’d wake up with a line or a concept or tune in my head, sometimes I forget them, I try writing it down and revisiting when I’m in the studio. I like to be alone so I can completely wild TF out and just create. I’m a pretty goofy spirit in a jubilant way. It’s all about energy, fresh and fun and new, I just relish the moment when creating, it’s a pretty exciting thing to witness. 

Q What are some of your past projects & how did they benefit you?
A Art of Swagg (AOS) was my first solo project, then came Road to Recovery (R2R) I feel like it’s my journey musically and purposefully, everything you know. This was always my thing in lil Haiti uptown in Miami everyone always knew Siti can spit but I feel AOS was a mixture of my message and me exploring. Then the time in after that mixtape and local recognition and all that shit can really fuck you up if you ain’t prepared mentally, I had my fun, mostly to the detriment of some people and women I cared for dearly so it was definitely a learning process. The time between AOS and R2R , and now from R2R to Recovery has its lessons of its own, friends, family, ya boys, streets, finances, a lot of growth and enlightenment so I’m just grateful to be able to share.

Q Which one of YOUR songs is YOUR favorite & why?
A That’s a tough one, it’s like asking a parent who’s their favorite child you know, lol you won’t ever get a straight answer. But if I had to choose I’d say “Whatever will be” on AOS. I just love the feel, the approach, the sound, message, back story on how it was created, everything! I think that was Siti Slicka in his element at that early juncture in his career. Like a young trunks, pretty dope but still rough around the edges. There’s been a lot of refining and polishing my craft since then, but that’s a song I can jam over and over till this day.. 

Q Where Can Your Music Be Found?
A You can find me on.. streaming platforms Spotify and iTunes coming very soon, that’ll all be Siti slicka as well.. Instagram/sitislicka and Facebook Siti Slicka for freestyles updates. Producers and collars can email and for bookings

Q What's Next???
A Work, that’s all there is to do.. work


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