p.a.t stay with me







Q Who Are You?

A P.A.T acronyms for Potential. Ambition. Talented/ Emerging Hip-Hop Artist & Songwriter


Q Where Are You From?

A Dallas aka Triple-D/ Oakcliff/ College Park to be exact though!


Q The Name Of Your Current Project?

A EP entitled “DA GROWTH”


Q Describe Your Genre' 

A Hip-Hop


Q Who Are Your Musical Influences?

A 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, UGK, T.I., Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross



Q What Inspires You To Write Music?

A The things I’ve seen when I was young buck growing up in the hood even up to now, numerous of life experiences, and how I feel inspires me to write great music. As an artist writing about coming from nothing but striving hard daily to achieve everything I desire adds substance to my music.



Q Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

A 5 years from now one of the most successful international Hip-Hop superstars touring around the entire world! CEO of my own label that has become successful enough to sign rising artist and help their dreams become true like mines did. Also a philanthropist that loves to give back!


Q When Do Your Creative Ideas Usually Come To You?

A They usually come when I’m listening to a instrumental over and over and over again lol!


Q What are some of your past projects & how did they benefit you?

A I have two past projects which are “My Life: Stories, Nuts, & Glory” & the EP entitled “DA GROWTH”.


Q The first project was like my introduction into the music industry. It made people aware that I was taking my music serious because they saw I was putting together a full project. Many people loved it which influenced me to keep pushing and follow up with a second project.

A The second project “DA GROWTH” is pretty much self-explanatory. It shows my growth as not only an artist but as a songwriter as well. This EP truly helped me get to where I am today as an artist because of the radio airplays, live interviews, shows, and great fans it brought me!


Q Which one of YOUR songs is YOUR favorite & why?

A I would most definitely say my current single entitled “BALL ON EM” because it’s the latest song I released and when I perform it the energy I receive from the crowd is AMAZING, I love it!



Q Where Can Your Music Be Found?

A www.pat-muzik.com



Q What's Next???

A The new EP entitled “DREAMS”.  Releasing more content such as DOPE promo singles including visuals. More upcoming shows. Last but not least “Catching my dreams soon”.