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Who Are You?

I am Mercury DeEmcee, a visionary, an emcee  and most importantly an artist

Where Are You From?

I was born in Montana. When I was about 3 months old I moved to San Francisco, CA. when I was 10 years old I moved to Dallas, and I’ve  lived all over the DFW.

I always say that  San Francisco taught me how to be a kid, and Dallas Taught me how to be a man. I find both aspects of life incredibly important.

The Name Of Your Current Project?

I’m working on a couple mixtapes right now, but I can’t quite release the names of them yet. However, I will say that I have a dope single coming out called “Hittin’ My Phone” and I will be shooting the video for it in the next month or so!

Describe Your Genre'

The simple answer here would be I make Hip Hop/Rap music. However I really want to brand my self as an artist and not just a rapper because I don’t want my music to have limits. With that being said, I mix a lot of genres together. For instance, I have songs with jazz ensembles mixed with old school boom bap, I have songs coming out with reggae vibes, Rock n Roll influence, and even Blues. I also want to mess around with classical and a bit of EDM. I really want to be as versatile as I can possibly be because I genuinely enjoy all genres of music.

Who Are Your Musical Influences?

In my early stages of rapping my biggest Influences were Eminem and Lil Wayne, I respected their delivery and I loved the way they worked with words.

At 11 years old I discovered Easy Mac who would soon change his name to Mac Miller, Mac really changed my whole view on what hip hop is and/or could be because he was so versatile and talented in several genres. I have never been disappointed in one of his projects because I really watched him evolve as an artist and I always understood where he was coming from.

When I was 15 or 16 I discovered a young man by the name of Machine Gun Kelly, this man really brought me to the next level because he rapped about a lot of struggles I could relate to and his delivery was impeccable.  I began picking up the pace a lot and when I did that I learned how to dissect beats mathematically, and manipulate words and rhyme schemes in my favor.

Recently,  I’ve been studying a lot of classic rap to gain insight on the culture and the influence of the genre. I’ve been listening to artists such as snoop Dogg, nwa, run DMC, the beastie boys, the wu tang clan, 2 live crew, lil flip, mystikal, DMX, Tupac, Biggie and several others.

What Inspires You To Write Music?

I’m honestly inspired by every single thing I come across, my music is a reflection of my life and the experiences that make it. I try to write at least a song a day and I’ve had the most off the wall things inspire me. I’ve found inspiration in struggles, pain, happiness, billboards, articles I read, news stories, you name it. I’ve been in the club and all of a sudden have a song idea hit me like a baseball bat. On the opposite side of things I’ve had song ideas hit me while at a funeral. I really try to take every experience I encounter as a lesson. I don’t Lose, I either win or I learn. Regardless of the outcome of a situation you will hear about it and I’ll always keep it 92+8 with you, whether it’s something you want to hear or not, I speak facts.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

In 5 years from now I see myself on an outstanding platform equipped with the power of influence. In 5 years I see my self with a voice big enough to travel the world and inspire people who are open to receiving it. I’m not really that concerned with women, and foreign cars and all that, I’m about my business, but in 5 years I won’t have any financial worries. With the help of my team, and support of my fans, there are zero doubts in my mind I will realize this dream of mine.

When Do Your Creative Ideas Usually Come To You?

honestly, all the f***ing time. Like I mention earlier I find inspiration in everything and I’m a very creative individual. Through out the day I jot down ideas and then at night I craft my creations. I spend most of my time weaving dreams from the loom of the mind. I don’t sleep, i don’twatch TV, I don’t play video games. I grind, learn, study business, and create, period.

What are some of your past projects & how did they benefit you?

My first project ever created and released as Mercury DeEmcee was a song called “They Said” which was produced by multi platinum producer Mr. Lee, which I released January 1, 2018. This song got the ball rolling in the right direction and landed me a performance slot in Austin’s South By Southwest (SXSW) where my homie, internetcular, and I filmed a music video for the song of mine called “immediately”. This video just recently dropped and it’s making waves on the internet right now. These projects combined have really opened up the game to me, I’ve made several solid connections and I have so many amazing opportunities in front of me. I met my manager, Kenny J, while I was recording my song immediately, and I have a killer team. We are ready for whatever the universe has to offer.

Which one of YOUR songs is YOUR favorite & why?

Out of the songs I have released, my song “Devilina” is my favorite project. Mr.Lee recorded and produced that project and the process was really dope. The song means so much to me because not only did I release it on the day Mac Miller died as a tribute, but the message in the song is one that I think a lot of people, especially the youth, needs to hear. It was one of those songs that pretty much wrote its self as soon as I started it, and the story is really creative. I wanted to depict the idea of temptation as the devil in a red dress for quite a while and so “Devilina” was born, the rest is history.

Where Can Your Music Be Found?
you can find all my music and see what I’m up to on


I am on


You can also search Mercury DeEmcee on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music,  i tunes, Amazon Music, and all other major music platforms

What's Next???

Honestly what isn’t next? My manager and I have really been pushing towards paid shows, there are a lot of opportunities for travel in the near future as well. I am working on a couple mix tapes currently, and will begin filming a few more music videos in the next few weeks. We have several interviews lined up, and will be releasing new music, and videos soon. My team and i are coming heavy, so stay tuned, we got major moves in motion, baby! Getcha 3s’ Up! Peace, Love, Respect, and Unity.