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Q: Who Are You?

A: We are T.T.G Taught To Grind (Fla.Boi.Tony & Jair Cobbs)


Q: Where Are You From?

A: (Fla.BoiTony) I am from West Palm Beach FL. 

     (Jair Cobbs) I am from Chicago IL


Q: The Name Of Your Current Project?

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) “Recognition EP” 

    (Jair Cobbs) “JAIRCOBB$”


Q: Describe Your Genre’

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) Hip-Hop wish a twist of R&B 

     (Jair Cobbs) R&B Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop


Q: Who Are Your Musical Influences? 

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) YFN Lucci, Kevin Gates and Plies 

    (Jair Cobbs) 2pac, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Tevin Campbell


Q: What Inspires You To Write Music?

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) From going to prison at the age of 15 for 4 years I grew up fast and had to turn into a man and hold my own, just going through a lot of s*** growing up and expressing it through music and letting people here my struggle and turning it into success.


    (Jair Cobbs) I dint have a lot growing up, so I would write to pretend, imagine and feel like I had something I wanted or be someone I wanted to be.


Q: Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) I see myself still doing music, owning a couple trucks around the country, cause ima licensed CDL driver so I enjoy driving semi trucks and running my own trucking business.


   (Jair Cobbs) Fanatically stable, maybe 5 kids, rich as f*** without people knowing, and acting full time.


Q: When Do Your Creative Ideas Usually Come To You?

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) I drive for FedEx overnight, its silent, nobody but me, gives me time to think to myself and plot my next move, wether its good or bad.


   (Jair Cobbs) It can come through drama in my life, when I’m having sex, when I’m happy or motivated, even when I’m pissed, thats normally when.


Q: What Are Some Of Your Past Projects & How Did They Benefit You?

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) “Recognition” is my first project, which opened doors for future projects and I have more on the way.


    (Jair Cobbs) I got a couple, my first big project that got me started was my mixtape “Tired Of Dreaming”. I worked with a lot of big producers that gave me a chance to be heard and show my art through music, thats what really got me into the industry. My Album “JAIRCOBB$” Prod. by me sparked up a whole new era style for me and is the reason I’m at where I’m at now.


Q: Which One Of Your Songs Is Your Favorite Song And Why?

A: (Fla.Boi.Tony) “Run It Up” I got a lot of great reviews on it, a lot of people like it, its catchy, I love to perform it and watching the crowd interact with the energy. At first it was underrated, and eventually grew and started a new wave and its like my signature.


   (Jair Cobbs) I have a lot, but if I had to choose one recently I would say “You Just Mad” I took a negative and turned it into a positive, in a club pop style of music I grew up on in the 90’s era, It just gives you that feel like some b****** happened but I don’t care and I’m gonna turn up anyways.


Q: Where Can Your Music Be Found?

A: iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Tidal, Amazon Music & Apple Music.


Q: Whats Next???

A: TTG Promo Tour, TTG Mixtape, Jair Cobbs new album, and more music videos.