Q Who are you?
A I’m D-Boy Danny, Marino.Supreme, Gym God, Jeezy of the gym, The Traplete, Mr. 93Fitness..

Q Where are you from?
A I’m from South Park, Houston Tx

Q Name of your current project?
A 93Fitness™️

Q Describe your genre.
A Right now I’m releasing a series of songs designed for people to listen to while they workout.. I call it the 93fitness series.. So far I’ve released Work Out, Just Do it, and Sweat..

Q Who are your musical influences?
A My church choir director, Ugk, Big Moe, Lil O, Lil Head, Curtis Mayfield, Gucci Mane, Bobby Brown, James Brown, Chris Brown, The whole SUC and Swisher House.. Too many to write, I like music.. 

Q What inspires you to write music?
A Endorsement deals..

Q Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A In position..

Q When do your creative ideas usually come to you?
A I get most of my ideas when I’m high at the gym, in my dreams, and when I’m on the toilet..

Q What are some of your past projects & how did they benefit you?
A I have 1 previous project on “The SouthSide Story” on I learned a lot about how to push a project from it.. It paid some bills and let me get a lot off my chest..

Q Which one of your favorite songs is your favorite and why?
A I like the song “Sweat” it’s the untold gym love story lol..

Q Where can your music be found?
A Everywhere, ITunes, Spotify, Tidal, Applemusic, and SoundCloud.. Search D-Boy Danny..

Q Whats next?
A I’ll be teaming up with fitness trainers, and gym instructors to throw fit camps where we workout to trap music m, some R&B and have drinks after y’all lookout for that.. And we have visuals dropping soon.. Y’all go make sure y’all go check out my song “Sweat” out everywhere..

Ig. Marino.Supreme